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Motherhood at Home

Motherhood Session at Home

There’s something so special about this age – right before the baby starts walking and becoming more mobile. There are a lot of snuggles, sweet bath times, and one on one time with mom. Baby is dependent on you still but starting to become so curious about things around them. It is the perfect time for a motherhood session so you can capture these fleeting moments before they’re grown.

Ashtyn was one of the first sessions back into family and motherhood sessions for me. Being able to shoot moments from her engagement to now her first baby has been such a joy. Seeing the sweet bond between her and her little babe is just precious and made me so happy our babes are close in age. We wanted to curate some natural time at home together – bathing, breastfeeding, and playing.

What better way to wrap up the session than with dad in their gorgeous lush green backyard. The orange trees gave all the summer vibes we needed despite the heat!

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November 3, 2022

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