It's a special thing to be a mother.


Motherhood is never perfect, it is not always pretty, and sure as hell is not easy. But whether this child grew in your belly or not - it is a special privilege. You are this child's safe space to grow, to learn, and to explore. The connection between a mother and her child is a treasure and something to be seen.

For me, it's about all the moments - not just the perfect ones. Your house may be messy or you haven't fully gotten ready in days, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be documented. Let them be little and let the chaos happen. One day these children will be grown and you will yearn for those playful, crazy moments with them. These photos can be something to cherish when the house is quiet once again.

These moments move so fast and you don't want to let them go. Document them.

fleeting moments

They are the reason for these sessions. Watching my own children grow, their personalities blossom, and see the dynamic change in our family, made me realize how important it is to capture childhood. They will not be little forever as much as I want them to be.