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microwedding in the desert for alternative wedding options due to covid-19

COVID-19 Wedding Backup Plans

// COVID-19 Wedding Backup Plans //

outdoor wedding for a covid-19 alternative rescheduled wedding

Well, here we are. We made it through a season of dreaded Spring reschedules due to Coronavirus but Fall wedding season is quickly approaching. Many brides are beginning to questions whether or not to reschedule their wedding or look at alternative options. You have probably invested a decent amount of money into the day, spent endless amounts of hours planning, and experienced all the high’s and low’s of emotions during the process. Now, you’re faced with a pandemic potentially throwing all that out the window. It sucks, you have every right to be upset. I WOULD BE TOO! It is not an easy thing to process.

To quickly address the situation in Arizona: 

Numbers are high and continue to grow every day. Most counties are currently on a mandate requiring masks to manage the spread. We are currently one of the top hot-spots for the virus and, as of today (7/12/20), the Governor has not made initiative to closing the state back down. This is something that could heavily impact Fall weddings by staying open + increasing numbers and a potential for closure. It is important to be proactive at this time and think about what options you have in regards to your wedding. How can you still get married during the pandemic and how you can keep yourself, guests, and your vendors safe.

Looking for an example of a micro-wedding? Here’s one!


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